In addition to the below projects, smaller contributions and other projects (including works in progress) can be found on my GitHub profile.

As an open source user I regularly contribute to a number of projects. My favored Linux distro is Gentoo Linux. I was a past moderator of the unofficial Gentoo Wiki before the new official Gentoo Wiki launched.

  • PHP: PAF Utils – Small library (with unit tests) for creating addresses from Royal Mail PAF records, using the rules laid out in the PAF Programmers Guide as well as some additional rules discovered through experience.
  • PHP: WhoisParser – Fork of a library I’ve been using for obtaining and parsing WHOIS data for domains, which has major changes from the original version (in the forms of additional parsing capabilities and improved error reporting).

Past Projects

Like many people, I have a tendency to start personal projects then never get round to finishing them. This is a list of some of the more interesting examples.

  • Icekap: An icecap client for KDE based on Konversation.
  • Iceserl: The ultimate goal is an icecap server written in Erlang, but this projects main purpose is to help me learn Erlang.
  • Polykephal: In the very early stages of development, this project is a C++/Qt based icecap server. I started this project to help me learn C++ / Qt / concurrency in C++.